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Mesotherapy – for a youthful glow



Mesotherapy regenerates and supports the skin texture and prevents premature skin aging and wrinkling. Various active ingredients such as vitamins, amino acids, trace elements, etc. and hyaluronic acid are injected into the middle layer of the skin by means of microinjections. We thus give the skin power substances to be fresh and radiant. The skin is plumped up and detoxification processes are supported.


Mesotherapy can bring results that superficial skin cosmetics cannot achieve. It can be used both as prevention and for regeneration. Mesotherapy is optimal to complement other treatments and to maintain the fresh radiance of the skin in the long term. Facial and body areas such as the décolleté and hands can be treated. Depending on the desired result, Mesotherapy can also be combined with all other procedures directly within one session. The treatment areas represent only a small section of the indications for this procedure. A treatment series of about five to seven sessions at intervals of one week is recommended for optimal results. The result lasts up to about six months and can then be repeated. The result is usually visible after a few days.


  • Sun damage
  • Hormonal changes in the skin
  • Scars
  • Age spots
  • Impure, sallow skin
  • Hair loss or thining



Treatment duration

20 – 60 minutes


If desired, painkilling cream before the treatment


Outpatient and after treatment approx. 15 minutes in the clinic


Usually none, possible slight swelling and bruising. The area can always be cooled slightly at home for a short time.


starts with € 250 (› Price list as PDF)


For whom is Mesotherapy suitable?

Mesotherapy is suitable for everyone and every age, for ladies and gentlemen alike. Everyone can benefit wonderfully from this procedure through the natural results and the Natural Touch. The procedure of Mesotherapy is not only minimally invasive, but also low-risk and an important procedure for anyone who wants a gentle, subtle anti-aging and slow-aging procedure. In certain phases of life, such as hormonal changes, after pregnancy, taking medication or post-surgery, among others, Mesotherapy can visibly improve and support the skin.

It is important for me to carry out an exact skin and lifestyle analysis before the treatment in order to be able to successfully implement your treatment goals and wishes. In my practice in Munich-Bogenhausen, Mesotherapy is optimal especially for those who want a discreet, mindful improvement of your aesthetics for your well-being, but also a lasting effect and therefore it is impossible to imagine my work without it.

What does Mesotherapy do?

If started early enough, it can prevent skin slackening and loss of elasticity, achieve lasting skin rejuvenation and wrinkle prevention, thus avoiding the need for a facelift at a later stage. The results of Mesotherapy are particularly convincing for smokers, dry skin, sun damage, coarse pores or scars. It can be said that the overall radiance and freshness of the skin can be increased. A sallowness of the skin appearance, dryness and enlarged pores can be refined overall. It is important to find the right active ingredients for your skin concerns. Does it make sense to combine active ingredients? - All these questions will be determined together with you in advance in an individualize treatment concept.

Mesotherapy for face, neck, décolleté, hands but also hair?

Mesotherapy is suitable for a variety of areas. In addition to the face, neck and décolleté, the backs of the hands and scars can also be treated successfully. The treatment of stretch marks is also successful. Not to forget the treatment of hair loss.

Effects and risks of Mesotherapy?

The needles used are very thin and therefore generally cause few complications and risks. At the beginning, the area is anesthetize with the help of an ointment. The microneedles inject the selected active ingredients at a depth of millimeters in the dermis. Slight pain, bruising and swelling may occur. Of course, all this will be discussed with you in detail during the preliminary consultation!

How long does a Mesotherapy session last?

It is not a time-consuming treatment and takes approximately between 20 and 30 minutes. To achieve the full effectiveness of Mesotherapy, I recommend a series of four to six sessions. If you choose a complete series of five sessions, the cost of the individual session will be reduced for you. Please feel free to ask me about this. The interval between Mesotherapy sessions should be one to two weeks.

Should downtime be expected after Mesotherapy?

No, there is no downtime during a Mesotherapy session. You are welcome to resume your daily activities immediately afterwards.

Is there anything to keep in mind after the Mesotherapy treatment?

The treated area should not be exposed to the sun after Mesotherapy. Please also wait a few hours before wearing make-up or cosmetics. Likewise, please refrain from going to the sauna, solarium and bathing for the next two days.

What results can be expected and how long is the shelf life?

Experience shows that after just one Mesotherapy session, the skin looks fresher and plumper. After a series of sessions, the results can last three to six months. The more regularly Mesotherapy is performed, the longer and more lasting the results. It is easy and even sensible to combine Mesotherapy with other aesthetic treatments, such as hyaluronic fillers. Gladly also within one session.

Mesotherapy & contraindications - what to consider?

Mesotherapy should not be performed on pregnant women or during breastfeeding. The same applies if you are taking antibiotics from the amino-glycoside group at the same time or if you have a general intolerance to hyaluronic acid, if you have a coagulation disorder or if you are taking ASA or Marcumar for a long time. There should be no inflammation, eczema or herpes in the treatment area before the treatment.