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Effect on the skin cell and receptor

Skin rejuvenation with biostimulators

Latest development for your skin rejuvenation and wrinkle treatment.

Hardly any other latest development in the field of minimally invasive Aesthetic Medicine, skin rejuvenation and slow aging has been so frequently requested in my medical practice in the recent past as the topic of Biostimulation.

My passion for natural, sustainable Aesthetic Medicine with long-term effects is perfectly embodied by this new development. It represents the possibility of Biorestructuring the skin. This means, that one can bring about skin rejuvenation, increase in moisture content and elasticity at the skin cell level. The tissue appears firmer and tighter. It not only reduces the formation of new wrinkles, but also promotes wrinkle smoothing. In this case, the skin is treated as a whole, not as with just filling hyaluronic acid into a wrinkle. Please feel free to make an appointment for a consultation and learn more!

Biostimulation is not just Hyaluron or a Filler

Volume is not added to the face per se during this treatment. It is ideal for patients who are afraid of overfilling their face with a typical „Hyaluron - Look". With it you can effortlessly maintain a natural look. It provides a great complement to using fillers or hyaluronic acid judiciously. I work with a wide variety of Biostimulator in my practice with different focuses, to provide the right treatment for each of my patients for individualized, natural results.

Treatment areas

  • Eye area
  • Face
  • Neck and décolleté
  • Back of the hand
  • Upper arms
  • Eye area
  • Forehead


at a glance

Length of treatment

30 – 40 minutes


Normally none necessary


Outpatient and after treatment approx. 15 minutes in the practice

Down time

Normally none, possibly slight swelling and bruising possible. The area can always be cooled slightly at home for a short time.


from € 450 per session and treatment zone (› Price list as PDF)

Biostimulation in Munich - Questions and answers

What is a biostimulator?

Starting as early as our 25th year, our body's natural collagen and elastin synthesis begins to decline. A Biostimulator does nothing but stimulate and regenerate natural processes. The production of collagen and elastin is boosted and increases the firmness of the skin tissue. The elastin and collagen is like the "support tissue" of our skin and therefore indispensable for firmness of our skin. The Biostimulator has a gel-like or milky consistency and is injected in depots with the help of small injections under the skin in principle without pain. Wrinkle reduction and skin tightening is triggered, the moisture content of the skin is increased. They are wonderful to use for skin regeneration and natural skin rejuvenation. Wonderfully recommended also for men for a discreet tightening of the skin and wrinkle treatment without surgery. The procedure of biostimulation is a scientifically based method and is an indispensable part of my practice.

When are results visible and how long do they last?

The first results are visible and noticeable about fourteen days after the first treatment.
The skin looks firmer, fresher and plumper. The main effect starts in the following weeks and months after the second treatment. Then, little by little, the Biostimulation at a deeper level of the receptors comes to bear.

How does treatment work?

Since I only use biostimulants of the highest quality in my medical practice, the tolerance is therefore very good in my experience. All preparations are produced according to the highest standards by reputable manufacturers and only in this way can they have a good effect.
The biostimulants I use require a series of about two to five sessions. The choice of the appropriate product and number of sessions depends on the desired result and the preliminary findings of your skin. The interval between sessions is approximately two to four weeks. A sensible treatment plan will be discussed with you in detail beforehand.

Can biostimulators be combined with other procedures?

Of course, biostimulators can be chosen as an exclusive procedure. However, they are equally well suited in combination, be it with hyaluron, thread lifting, fillers, microneedling, mesotherapy or thread lifting, among others.
In fact, in my experience, I recommend combining them with other procedures for a positive synergy. I often use biostimulation as the basis for a lasting firming of the skin and then complement it with many other treatments for a holistic, high-level aesthetic.